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River Rat Running Club

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What is River Rat Running Club?

River Rat Running Club is an organization created by runners for runners. We wanted to get the community of Plattsmouth, Nebraska involved in the sport of running, and what better way to do it than to start a running club! With this running club we plan to build a stronger community of runners while having fun, gaining confidence within your running abilities, getting faster, and becoming a better person! No matter your age or your fitness level we want you to be apart of this awesome journey to becoming a strong community of runners!

Social Media

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Facebook - @RiverRatRunningClub

Get Involved

Getting involved with the River Rats is not hard at all! In the summer, we will have large group runs. There is no required age for these runs (1-100+). There is also no required fitness level or running ability you need to have. These group runs will allow you to meet new runners within our community, make friends, and have a good time while staying fit. These runs will also have give aways. In these give aways you could win your very own River Rats merchandise. At every group meetup we will have multiple speakers to talk to you about a wide variety a things within the sport of running. These speakers will range from collegiate runners, ex-collegiate runners, ultra runners, and coaches. The date, time, and location of these run can be found down below! We hope to see you there!

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